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Personal Alarm System

This Personal alarm system is designed to provide you with all the protection you need from the night, with an 135 db peak volume, it's hard to hear you’re being killed in the air. Plus, the radio input ensures you can communicate with your car from anywhere in the world.

Safe Sound Alarm System

The safe sound alarm system is a receiving system that hears sound from outside the house and warns the owner of an emergency, it is a safety system that goes beyond the ordinary sound of an alarm system. The system can be used as a Personal security system to protect people who lives are important, the alarm system can be made unique with our customer's data. It can sound different sounds to make each time it is used which makes it more of a security system, the system can be a security system or a warning system depending on the user's needs. This safe and sound alarm system is designed for soundproofing and privacy, it features an 135 db alarm system to sound like a thundering storm. The system is conjointly equipped with a clip and rip cord activation 2-pack, this alarm system is top-of-the-heap for the home of safety and privacy. The vigilant 125 db is a commercial-grade alarm system that features a key-chaingrenade this system is designed to provide your Personal alarm system with years of experience in order to better anticipate and prevent accidents, the system includes a number of features, including a system, side-mounted keyfob, and a built-in bunker hill alarm. The alarm 2-in-1 door is a Personal alarm system that on the go that uses 2, 4 ghz frequency to communicate with other devices in your home. The system can be attached to you so you don't have to carry around an alarm clock, and it can be used for safety in any activity or situation.